Tricks of the WhatsApp Web version

Know in this notes some tricks that will help you to have a better experience using the web version of the most used messaging service in the world.

Tricks of the WhatsApp Web version

WhatsApp Web serves in those occasions where it is difficult to be with the cell permanently in the hand and it facilitates to be able to communicate through the PC.

To be able to use it, it is necessary to enter from any browser to the page: without having to install any previous application. What you should do next is scan with the camera, through the app, the QR code. In the WhatsApp mobile application you must go to the three dots of the upper right margin and choose "WhatsApp Web" to achieve it.

Once the above has been done, all the chats and groups appear on the computer screen. Now, the tricks to make the most of this version are the following:

Emojis with the keyboard

To not have to choose the emoji every time you want to send. It is possible to type two points (:) and then the name of the chosen icon. For example, if you want to send the eyes :: eyes or the emoji of a tiger : tiger .

Download videos or images to the computer

If you need to download a file it is necessary to open it and then select "Download" (a little arrow down in the upper right margin). If you need to send a file that is on the computer, the process is as simple as dragging it to the conversation window.

Two accounts at a time

Some people have more than one cell phone and WhatsApp accounts or they use devices with dual SIM cards. For any of these reasons it is possible to have both accounts open.

The first thing to do is open WhatsApp Web in an incognito window (Ctrl + Shift + N) or in another browser. Then you should read the QR code normally.

If the computer only has one browser installed or the incognito window is not enabled, there is another option entering:, which is an official proxy of the app so there is no risk in using it . The problem is that it does not work very well sometimes.

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