Whatsapp is the king of instant messaging applications, with a network of more than 600 million active monthly users, who share more than 400 million photos per day and makes a special tribute to the text messaging service. For now, download free WhatsApp, is still a rising trend in all mobile phone markets.


It is a very simple system, it is downloaded free of charge, with a cost associated to the service from the first year, of 1 annual USD, which allows to send and receive text messages through any data connection or wifi to which it has access cell phone. In its latest versions have incorporated features such as voice messages, sending photos or videos, or chat in groups. Undoubtedly its strength is not in the innovation of its functions, since any serious competitor like WeChat, Line, etc. have been providing call or video call services for quite some time.

The strength of this application is centered on the possibility of being installed in telephones of different platforms and technologies (even the most simple ones), allowing to reach the majority of potential users or anyone with the possibility of sending a text message with their mobile phone.

The strategy

For the development of the service, Whatsapp determined from its origin not to have any kind of publicity that undermines the simplicity or the experience of the user, even when it was acquired by Facebook and was doubted of these principles the own founder of the application reinforced the same original concept. This is why your business model is based only and up to that time on the charge of an annual dollar for unrestricted access to the application, by downloading WhatsApp from the official website WhatsApp or the market corresponding to the operating system Of the mobile. Initially new users will receive 12 months of testing.

WhatsApp for everyone

The fact that WhatsApp can be downloaded for free, accessed from almost any mobile platform, makes available to everyone a service that has found a niche exploiting the text messaging service like no other application did.

Your service works by subscribing to your phone number, automatically using your contact list to contact any of them who are already a WhatsApp user. This possibility of integrating the information of your existing contacts with the application, gives a great comfort when using it, but questions some privacy and security points showing some of their most questioned vulnerabilities.

To enjoy WhatsApp, do not forget to visit our free download guides, listed at the end of this note, where you can find in a simple steps the safe way to install the application.

WhatsApp Functions

  • Send and receive messages for free with unlimited length text.
  • Customize user and profile status with any photo.
  • Real-time confirmations when the messages are delivered and / or read, through tilde symbols (a tilde means that it was delivered, two tildes it was read).
  • Share files of different formats (photos, videos, etc.) with several contacts at a time.
  • Group chat that lets you send messages to multiple contacts at the same time.
  • Hold conversations with more than one contact at a time.
  • Number of contacts unlimited.



  • No ads appear at any time.
  • Messages with unlimited text.
  • It supports multiple platforms and different mobile technologies.
  • You can use any network of data packets or a wifi connection indistinctly



  • You must pay $ 0.99 / year, with one year of proof.
  • You can not install the same account on more than one device at a time.
  • In many users it is not desired to know the message handling status (received and / or read). Only in the version for iOS disabling this option is allowed.
  • The same status is always shared, with all users of the service.
  • You need to share the phone number to add new contacts, even if the contacts are only known or the user does not want to share personal information from their account.
  • The vulnerability of the communication protocols of the Open Source servers that house all the messages of the service, the Achilles tendon regarding the security and privacy of the service.


Operating Systems Available for WhatsApp

  • Operating System Blackberry 4.6 or higher
  • Android 2.1+
  • IOS 4.3 or higher
  • Nokia S60 3rd Edition, 5th Edition, Symbian, Symbian Anna, Symbian Belle
  • Windows Phone 7.5 or 8.0


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