WiFi Coin, an app with WiFi service for your flights

WiFi Coin is an app that adds to the WiFi business in air travel. Currently this service is paid for hours even if we are connected a few minutes and at really expensive prices.

WiFi Coin, an app with WiFi service for your flights

The idea of this app is that users can pay for the data consumed. Credits are purchased on a pre-paid basis and are deducted from it for the data used only. In addition, WiFi Coin can be used in more than 37 different companies, so if we don't consume all the credits on one flight, we can do it on the next flight.

The plans to have WiFi on the plane start from the 5000 credits that are approximately 2 hours of flight for $ 19.99. There are also subscription plans where up to 5 different smartphones can be added.

The companies that joined so far are Gol, Latam Airlines, AeroMexico, Air Canada, JAL, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, Delta and American Airlines. The app is actively working to also add the main companies in Europe.

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