A paper “envelope” designed by Google to stop being addicted to cell phones

Google recently designed a paper envelope to use the mobile phone less and disconnect for a while from the digital world.

A paper “envelope” designed by Google to stop being addicted to cell phones

"Many people feel that they spend too much time with their phones and struggle to find a balance with technology," is what the presentation of the project announces the website of the technology giant.

This innovative paper envelope designed by Google is the size of the cell phone and can be printed from a PDF uploaded on the official website. Next it is necessary to trim it and follow the instructions to assemble it.

Then you must download the application "Envelope" ("digital detox" solution) so that when the person is tired of their mobile phone, activate the sleep mode and can enter it in the envelope.

When the cell phone is in that state and inside the envelope, it is no longer smart, so it only serves to make phone calls, take photos or record videos (which can be seen when removed from it).

At the moment this initiative is compatible with Google Pixel 3a, but it is intended to be extended to other devices soon.

There are several options that companies such as Google or Apple are applying to achieve digital well-being.

For its part, Apple incorporated iOS 12: "Screen Time or Screen Time", to find out how long the phone was used. This option can be activated from the configuration menu.

What do you think of these proposals to combat addiction to smartphones?

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