Interview Warmup, the Google site to practice job interviews

Google 's artificial intelligence is helping people practice for job interviews and improve them. At the moment it is only available in English.

Interview Warmup, the Google site to practice job interviews

Interview Warmup is the name of the technology developed by Google, which was originally available only to Google Career Certificate students for their online programs. Its objective was that these users, upon finishing the degree and receiving their certificate, could practice job interviews.

The important thing is that this tool is now available, totally free, so that anyone has access and can select to practice among different areas where they would like to apply. The artificial intelligence will then interview you, which will normally consist of five random questions.

On the other hand, it is possible to practice (orally it is recommended) three of the questions that recruiters normally ask, such as: the candidate's experience and training, the ways in which they have to solve problems and finally the knowledge technicians for the job.

The steps to practice in Interview Warmup are as follows:

  1. Open the following link in the browser:
  2. Select “Start practicing”,
  3. Choose the area in which you want to practice (data analysis, e-commerce, IT support, project management, UX or general design),
  4. Answer the 5 questions and record the answers,
  5. Reception of the returns/observations to improve.

Users can record the answers as many times as they consider necessary and they will see the recommendations that the site makes to be applied. They are not intended to qualify or indicate failures in the answers, but the repetitive patterns in them (fillers, for example).

The answers are not saved, so if the user wants to have them to review, they must download them in transcribed text mode.

The site is currently in English, so it is beneficial for bilingual profiles. It is available for almost all devices and operating systems.

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