A "free" alternative to Photoshop

Krita defines itself as a free, professional artist-created digital painting program. An "open source" development that offers when it comes to image editing a range of functions that make a difference and qualifies this solution as comparable to our well-known Photoshop.

A "free" alternative to Photoshop

Krita has been developing for some time and today it is presented, thanks to its new features, as a free alternative to Photoshop, as well as specializing in functions related to digital illustration.

Krita 5.0 Features

  • Brushes, gradients and palettes with better performance between speed and memory use.
  • Smoother gradients expanding the range of options to handle.
  • User interface improvements.
  • Great integration with graphic editors.
  • New functions related to cloning frames, transformation masks, a recorder to record painting sessions, the possibility of importing videos and animated GIFs, among others.

Krita 5.0 is available for download on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android.

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