Animo, a canine tracker that also monitors your health status

In the CES of this year a new device for our pets was presented, which in addition to working as a tracker, learns from the animal, interpreting their habitual behavior patterns and detecting when there are differences in their normal activity.

Animo, a canine tracker that also monitors your health status

This device, ideal for dogs, is applied to the collar so the animal is monitored 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Through the app that is linked to the device, the owner or caregiver can track, set goals, such as a daily walk and receive notification from Animo when the dog has met.

The highlight of this application is that it sends alerts when there are significant changes in the dog's habit, such as unusual barking, trembling, a lot of sedentary lifestyle, etc.

This app fits each particular animal from the first moment Animo is applied to the collar. It has algorithms that detect from the position of the head, the way to rest, etc. forming criteria to then analyze that particular pet.

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