Bluu: New collaborative participant in Google Meet and Zoom meetings

Both Google Meet and Zoom do not have a text editor developed natively, which is why in videoconference meetings you end up sharing a Google Docs on the screen where one of the participants takes note of the above.

Bluu: New collaborative participant in Google Meet and Zoom meetings

Faced with this reality and the need to hold productive meetings saving time, Bluu arises,   a text editor that collaborates in virtual meetings as if it were just another attendee.

Its main tasks are:

- Schedule meetings a day with topics and timers.

- Generate notes to document everything said in the meeting.

It is important to clarify that Bluu is used collaboratively, any participant can point and make changes. On the other hand, all content released there is private since only the participants of the meeting can read and write in it, to ensure this aspect Bluu has a Security Token.

Bluu is working on Google Meet through a Chrome extension and on Zoom for its web version. In the short term it will be available in Zoom for the mobile version and for Microsoft Teams.

This editor has a free version which allows 20 monthly meetings with a duration of up to 60 minutes each.

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