Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

Logging in or Creating a Facebook account is a very simple process and here is how to do it.


From the home page of Facebook you start the registration process, completing the basic information requested in the "Open an account" box:

  • Name
  • Your email (you will use it later to start the session) and confirmation
  • Password
  • Birthdate
  • Genre
  • Finally click on the button "Open an account"

Then you will begin 3 steps to complete the basic configuration of your Facebook profile.

STEP 1: Find Friends

You can search for friends through the current contacts of the email account used, with just a click.

This feature is available for mail accounts from Gmail, Windows Live Messenger,, etc. Just by clicking the "Search friends" button of the mail service used will start the search of your contacts on Facebook.

For this you will have to accept the access of Facebook to the basic data of your mail account.

A list of the contacts found will appear later, from which you will select who you want to send an invitation to. Just wait to accept your invitation to start enjoying this network with all your friends.

STEP 2: Profile Information

In this step you only have to complete the information you want, none is mandatory and only serves to share the basic description of your condition in the network.

  • City where you live
  • City where you were born
  • Where did you study
  • University you attended
  • Job

Subsequently, from the account you can add or edit the information you want.

STEP 3: Profile Picture

In this step you can upload the photo of your account, which will identify you on the network and will be shared with the more than 1 billion active Facebook users.

Do not forget to check and adjust the privacy settings of the account, there are many options to adapt what you want in this regard. We suggest that you see the tutorial that Facebook will show you at the first view of your "Wall".

Finally, it only remains to "Confirm" the account, through a simple process that starts from receiving a Facebook mail in the mail used to register. Just by clicking the "Confirm Account" button of the received mail, it will complete this process, being able to start your social life in this huge network.

Sign in to Facebook

To log in to Facebook, you can log in directly from your home page, or with the sig in the mobile phone application you can access all the functions of the largest social network in the world. In both cases you will ask for the user name (email address) and password, as you will enter your only account, regardless of which platform you have logged in to your account.

Good luck and do not forget to tell us what your experience creating your Facebook account.

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