Fail in WhatsApp enables other users to read your messages

A WhatsApp bug allows some users to interrupt the privacy of others and read their messages. With a few simple steps we teach you to change the number you have registered in the messaging account, so that nobody can access your conversations.

Fail in WhatsApp enables other users to read your messages

A few days ago there was an error in the app that allowed a user to access messages from other users, even without knowing them.

This failure is generated, mainly, because many people change their phone number and do not migrate their WhatsApp accounts to the new number.

For this reason, if you have modified your number recently, from WhatsApp recommend that you perform the following steps as soon as possible.

1) First it is necessary to enter WhatsApp and select the three vertical points located in the upper right margin.

2) Then select the option "Settings" and then choose "Account". There will appear "Change Number".

3) Subsequently, WhatsApp requests that it be verified that the new number can receive SMS or calls.

4) Then you must choose SIG. and enter the old phone number and then the new one.

In this way, all profile information, groups and account settings will be migrated ... and most importantly, you will not run any risk for the flaw detected in the app.

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