Google your favorite song just by humming, whistling or singing it

Thanks to AI, a song can now be searched on Google by simply humming, singing or whistling it. This function is available in both the app and the assistant, on Android and iOS.

Google your favorite song just by humming, whistling or singing it

How to do it?

You just have to go to the search engine or the assistant and say something similar to What is this song? Or directly click on "search for song" and start making a vocal demonstration as everyone can do it, since our tuning is not important for the results to be valid.

The amazing thing about Artificial Intelligence is that in real time it analyzes thousands of songs to find the one requested.

The result:
Google will show a list of results by percentage of agreement, along with the name of the song and the artist plus a link to the suggested song.

That is, today Google can answer in seconds, what is that issue that has been spinning in our heads for a long time, just by whistling it.

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