Groups of WhatsApp, now you can choose to participate or not

"We are working for you . " This is the phrase that could well accompany this action of WhatsApp so requested by users: The possibility of choosing to join or not to a group.

Groups of WhatsApp, now you can choose to participate or not

This solution allows you to configure the messaging service in such a way that when the administrator wants to add a member to the group, the app notifies and we can choose to join or not.

On more than one occasion we have been involved in family groups, friends, co-workers, acquaintances in which, if we are able to choose, we would not have joined. This option gives the possibility to configure within the privacy of the account if we accept invitations to join groups from "nobody", "only contacts and friends" or "all".

To choose between these options you must enter within the app ADJUST > ACCOUNT and there choose PRIVACY . Within that section you will find, if your version is already updated, the item GROUPS where you can choose between the 3 options named above.

If it is not yet available, it will be available in the coming weeks, given that this functionality is designed for everyone.

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