In China they use smart uniforms in schools, to know the location of the students

The educational field benefits again with the advance of the technological frontier. Such is the case, that schools in China incorporated intelligent uniforms that help to know the location and the activities that the students develop, by means of chips incorporated in the school clothing.

In China they use smart uniforms in schools, to know the location of the students

The smart school uniforms were incorporated in some schools in China, through which it is possible to know the exact location of the students by means of two chips with GPS incorporated in the clothing.

In this way teachers, parents or guardians can know exactly where each student is, even an alarm is activated when they are out of the establishment without consent.

This clothing that allows to know the exact time of entry and exit of the students to the school was already incorporated in 10 establishments located in the south of the province of Guizhou, in the autonomous region of Zhuang of Guangxi

But that's not all, to increase safety these educational establishments have facial recognition located at the doors, which allows detecting if some students are exchanging school uniforms, if so, the alarm is activated. They also inform if the student fell asleep.

The chips that have the uniforms are resistant, such that they can withstand up to 500 washes with a temperature of up to 150 degrees. In addition, the same buy products through the use of facial recognition or fingerprint.

The technology company Guizhou Guanyu, defends the initiative stating that this school clothing prioritizes safety through an intelligent management method in which both students and teachers and parents benefit.

There are already more than 800 students who have used or wear this type of smart uniforms.

However, many sectors questioned this initiative, since they consider that they undermine the privacy of students and have greater control and record over the behavior of people through the digitization of daily actions.

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