Live Rooms: Live on Instagram with guests

Given the success of Instagram's LIVE function in a pandemic, now the platform is launching Live Rooms , which will allow creators of the living to set up their live shows with up to 3 people as guests simultaneously, thus generating more interactive and dynamic experiences. to add more followers to your accounts.

Live Rooms: Live on Instagram with guests

This feature is intended for instructors, musicians, chefs, bloggers, activists, and anyone who has something to say or share with a specific group or community.

Live Rooms will allow you to generate income. Each follower will be able to collaborate through support badges, interactive experiences, purchases, participation in specific activities and any action that can be developed through this channel in a creative way.

Regarding safety, the regulations are still in force. In the event that the person who transmits or one of the guests has a person blocked in their respective accounts, they will not be able to connect live; Furthermore, any user whose permission to use Live has been revoked for violating the rules will not be able to use this option to create their own events in Live Rooms.

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