Luma Attendance: To count those present in your Zoom room

When organizing large events via Zoom , certain information related to the attendees is lost. How many of them got online? How long did they stay online? Through which link did they access?

Luma Attendance: To count those present in your Zoom room

This App, Attendance , allows you to monitor the event in order to know the attendance and permanence in it, see which marketing action had the greatest impact on the call, block people who connect without being invited, among other options .

When generating an event, Zoom grants a single link to access the room; it is through this that all the guests arrive. With this assistance app, each of the participants will be identified since a unique link is generated per participant.

Among the options of the free version, allowed for free events, is the creation of a personalized landing of the event, invitation and reminders via e-mail from the Luma platform, availability of all the attendance data of the guests, export of data from them and much more.

A good option for those who regularly do activities through Zoom for several participants.

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