Massive loss of followers on Instagram

This week there was a huge loss of followers on the Instagram social network like never before. What happened? Has Instagram cleared the fake or inactive accounts? Or was there an error?

Massive loss of followers on Instagram

Many users thought it was a joke in bad taste, especially those who pretended to be influencers (have more than 10 thousand followers), as they saw a big drop in the number of followers in their accounts.

However this was not a joke, Instagram has eliminated accounts, what is not known with certainty is if it was by mistake or was a strategy of cleaning false or inactive accounts. The truth is that the number of users has been significantly reduced.

A strong hypothesis is that it was an Instagram strategy to protect the active community from the social network, eliminating accounts that are false, inactive or "ghost" or "bought" followers. This event was not only reflected in a reduction in the number of users who follow your account, but also the number of users followed.

It is believed that Instagram has developed tools that identify accounts that perform non-authentic activities, that is, that create a false activity and that do not comply with the rules of the social network.

In some cases the changes are imperceptible, however, some users have seen a few thousand followers less. Really influential personalities who have lost millions of followes. Many of them have expressed their dissatisfaction with this reduction, on all those who work in some way with this social network.

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