More users connected and visible from your mobile on Google Meet

Google Meet developed the tile view for mobiles. In this way, connected users can see more participants in the meetings that participate through the platform from their smartphone.

More users connected and visible from your mobile on Google Meet

Currently in Google Meet we can configure, when starting a video call, the "automatic" version to see up to 9 participants on the screen or the " mosaic " option that shows us up to 49 participants at the same time; as long as we are in a browser.

Now with this update, the mosaic version can also be used from mobile. This uses the entire screen and can display up to 8 users as well as additional information, such as their names. Although the functionality does not improve the experience when the connected are numerous, if it adapts to a family gathering or with friends who want to connect through the mobile without losing everyone in the main view.

This new view is available for iOS and will be available for Android users shortly.

Temas: meet , zoom , google meet
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