New features of WhatsApp for 2020

There are many updates that the messaging service is working on. Here we list some of the news that will arrive in 2020.

New features of WhatsApp for 2020

- Message Deletion: This function will allow you to automatically delete the message history of the chat after a certain time. According to the transcended, this period may be one hour, week, month or year.

- Scan of QR Codes: Another advance that, although it has no date for its launch, ensures that it will be in the course of 2020, is the possibility of adding new users by scanning a QR code, just as different mobile payment platforms do today.

- Boomerang Effect on WhatsApp: The well-known Instagram Boomerang will also be available on WhatsApp thanks to the video to gif conversion. Maximum duration: 7 seconds.

- Reply audio messages from notifications:
In WhatsApp messages can be answered from notifications, except for audio. With this new functionality that the app is developing, you can also respond to audio messages from the notification window.

All these features seek to improve the user experience, with the aim of continuing on the podium of the most chosen apps.

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