New pishing scam on WhatsApp

A new malicious link is propagated by text message to fraudulently access WhatsApp accounts and steal confidential information from users.

New pishing scam on WhatsApp

The name of the malicious message that is being propagated by SMS is: "WhatsApp greeting".

It is similar to the one received when you want to install the application in a new terminal or when you want to change your phone number, only in this case an additional link is added to do a “phone number verification” and it is there Where the deception is generated.

It is one more attempt, among the many, of "pishing" (phishing). In other words, a hacker tries to enter and control the application account fraudulently, in order to access sensitive data, contacts and even private conversations of the victim.

If a user was “hacked”, when he tries to access WhatsApp, a message will appear that says: “Your number is not registered on this phone. This is probably because you registered your phone number in WhatsApp on a different phone. ”

This happens if you clicked on the link, but attention! It can be solved from the “Verify” option that appears below the message. After clicking, you will receive a legitimate message from WhatsApp, where it is advisable to manually enter the verification code requested.

Some recommendations not to fall into this type of trap are:

  1. When changing devices and installing WhatsApp, it is better to enter the security code manually.
  2. Ignore any message that requires verification codes if they have not been requested and, above all, do not click on any link received.
  3. Activate the 2-step verification offered by the application, which implies entering a personal 6-digit code known only to the user of the account.
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