No more spying on WhatsApp conversations

Privacy is one of the items that users indicate as of interest when rating a mobile application and WhatsApp knows it better than anyone.

No more spying on WhatsApp conversations

WhatsApp users who leave their smartphones to repair, forgotten in their office or simply do not want someone else to access their personal messages without their consent can add this security filter through their fingerprint.

In this case, even if people know the pattern or password to unlock the cell phone, they will not be able to enter the WhatsApp message chat.

How to block WhatsApp by fingerprint?

1- Enter the App, Settings option

2- Click on Account

3- Click on Privacy

4- Within the Privacy option, scroll until you see and select "Fingerprint Lock"

5- Touch on the bar on the right and confirm that it is blue

6- Confirm the fingerprint

This lock is only effective for the smartphone where it has been activated; not so for the session that is open in WhatsApp Web that is used on PC or Notebook.

WhatsApp offers other options when it comes to controlling security, such as the possibility of showing or not the display of the last connection time, the profile photo and even the temporary statuses.

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