One-time viewing of photos and videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp continues to innovate its features. This time we will tell you how to activate the function so that the photo or video you send is automatically deleted after being viewed only once.

One-time viewing of photos and videos on WhatsApp

For both iOS and Android, the “View Once” function is available on WhatsApp.

It implies that once a photo or video is sent to the recipient, they are permanently deleted. It is idea to send confidential information or photos.

The step by step is as follows and does not vary so much from the usual procedure:

1) First of all, it is necessary to verify that we have the latest version of WhatsApp, that is, that there is no pending update.

2) The conversation of the chosen contact should be opened.

3) Next you have to open the camera and when you select the image to send you should choose the icon with the "1" that appears in the lower right. The first time the option is used, the following warning appears:

Then WhatsApp alerts that the photo was configured to be seen only once, as follows (see the 1 marked in the bar to add a comment):

4) Then you just have to send the image or video to the selected contact, taking into account that once you open it, this file will disappear.

Importantly, regardless of the one-time viewing, the recipient can take a screenshot and this will not be reported to the person who sent the content. Nor is it ensured that these videos or photos are archived in the "Photos" or "Gallery" folders of the recipient.

Another detail to mention is that if a content of this style is ignored in 14 days it expires, and that for security reasons, it will be encrypted from end to end like the rest of the contents shared on WhatsApp.

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