Prevent WhatsApp from blocking your account

WhatsApp has strengthened the control of its messages by blocking people who violate the rules of the app and in many cases, beyond the appeal, without giving rise to these people being able to use the application again.

Prevent WhatsApp from blocking your account

Making sure you know these rules will allow users to know with certainty what not to do.

- Create or share false promotions or hoaxes. The objective of these is to capture the personal data of the people to impersonate their identity, misinform, send viruses, etc.

- Do not share rumors: There is a lot of this in the networks and also in the messaging service. The goal is to "misinform" to generate chaos and mass reactions.

- Write “amen” and send it to many people since it is taken as chains that promise the fulfillment of something in exchange for the shipment.

- Share the closure of the application: WhatsApp prohibits sharing warnings of its imminent closure.

- Forbidden words: If the word "pedophilia" is written in a conversation in a group, WhatsApp will block your account and that of the group members.

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