Q came, a voice assistant without gender

Q is the first asexual voice assistant created to break down gender barriers in technology. In tune with the times and breaking with traditional stereotypes, where the male voice is used in banking apps or insurance and women in services such as Amazon's Alexa , Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana .

Q came, a voice assistant without gender

In the South by Southwest of Texas (USA), one of the biggest festivals in the world that address the impacts of technology in society, "Q" was presented, the first voice assistant in which a genre is not recognized. This magnificent assistant was created by the Nordic team VIRTUE and Copenhagen Pride, who set themselves the goal of breaking with the prejudices of gender in technology.

Anna Jørgensen, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen, participated in the development and said that this neutral voice assistant was created with the voice recordings of five people who did not have the female or male voice standards and using a specific software that modulates and change them to a neutral tone.

The already modulated voices were heard by more than 4,600 people who placed a score from 1 to 5, assuming the lowest values male voices and the highest female ones. The results of these surveys were held in accounts to reach the neutral voice.

The next step is to build the structure of artificial intelligence, that is to say that Q is used in voice assistance products, as for example, in smartphones or tablets and even in cinemas, theaters or passenger stations.

One of its creators, Ryan Sherman, said that Q was developed so that big companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Google use it.

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