Samsung introduced its first Galaxy with flexible screen

In the event Samsung Development Conference (SDC18) the South Korean technological manufacturer showed its first phone with folding screen, which some call " Galaxy F " (fold) and others " Galaxy X " (flex).

Samsung introduced its first Galaxy with flexible screen

It is still unknown when the equipment will come on sale with this innovative technology, baptized as "Infinity Flex Display", but will begin to be produced in the coming months of this year.

The device once it is deployed has the size of a 7.3-inch screen tablet and when closed about 4.5 ". The tests carried out to arrive at this new development show that the opening and closing of the same does not cause its degradation, as well as that of the apps used by the mobile.

When the phone is folded, one of its faces has a screen to be used as any phone.

The smartphone will use the Android operating system, will have the ability to perform multitasking and may be contained in various segments of the device. You will also have the ability to work with up to three simultaneous applications.

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