Smart Nike shoes that adapt to the foot and bind themselves

Nike and technology are allies. This time with the new smart shoes called "Nike Adapt BB", which have an automatic system, monitored by an app installed on the cell phone, which adjusts footwear and also tie themselves.

Smart Nike shoes that adapt to the foot and bind themselves

This is the ideal footwear for athletes, and even more so for basketball players, since it not only allows to tie the laces manually but also has an automatic tying system, controlled from an application installed on the cell phone.

When the feet are introduced in the Nike Adapt BB, some sensors calculate the tension that each foot needs and automatically adapts the footwear, to guarantee a correct sanguineous flow and a greater comfort that guarantees better performance in the sport.

These smart shoes are very resistant, so that they can withstand the same tension as a standard parachute cable.

The "Nike Adapt BB" were tested by some professional athletes such as Jayson Tatum, basketball player of the Boston Celtics, as well as being exposed to extreme temperatures and tests of impermeability and impacts.

From the application the user can reconfigure the tension to adapt the footwear according to the moment of the practice of the sport, for example during the rest, the moments of warm-up, of running, among other options.

Also from the app you can check the battery status and even track the user's performance in real time, through the sensors and accelerometers and gyroscopes they have.

On February 17 they will be for sale in a limited way in the United States and will have an approximate price of 350 dollars.

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