Telegram with more capacity than other messaging networks and new features

Telegram continues to make a difference with the rest of the messaging services in several aspects. One, and perhaps most important, is the ability to send large files to individuals and groups.

    Telegram with more capacity than other messaging networks and new features

    The app in previous versions had a limit of 1.5Gb and from version 6.3 it will support 2Gb being able to share high definition video files, with more than two hours duration.

    New features that come with the new version:

    • Profile videos: the possibility of putting a video as a profile photo choosing a frame so that it is seen statically for when you are in chat.
    • Improved skin : Thanks to a new range of filters you can improve your skin in selfies.
    • Group Statistics : This functionality applies to groups with more than 500 members. From it you will be able to obtain graphs about their activity as well as being able to identify a list of the members that participate the most.
    • Privacy : A new function allows you to automatically archive and mute the chats of people who are not in your contact list, with the possibility of consulting later by entering “Archived Chats”. This function is equivalent to having the inbox clean of spam messages.
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