The first Stalkers in the lists of Instagram Stories

Stalkers , followers who spy on or monitor a user, will appear first in Instagram Stories . The order of appearance responds to an Instagram algorithm that considers, among other aspects, the frequency of visits to a specific profile.

The first Stalkers in the lists of Instagram Stories

Since June 2016, Instagram stopped publishing stories in chronological order and uses an algorithm that prioritizes user interaction with those of their followers. This means that Instagram will place at the top of the list those who investigate the profile of a particular user as well as those who are made more comments, put likes or labels.

Users of "Reddit" conducted a test creating fake accounts, where they visited users without making public interventions such as commenting, putting labels or likes, but simply spied a certain profile repeatedly. The result of these tests was that they ascended in the order of the list of people who saw the story.

Conclusion ... the mere fact of investigating a user's profile can place you in priority order in Instagram Stories.

The algorithm in addition to organizing the list of people who see the Stories, determines which will be published first in the main profile menu. According to Paige Thelen, member of the Instagram communication team, the stories are placed according to the probability of interest of the content, the time elapsed since the post and the relationship with the user who made the publication.

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