The pentagon uses a laser to identify people by the beating of their heart

The headquarters of the Department of Defense of the United States, uses a new device that allows people to be identified by the beat of their heart at a maximum distance of 200 meters and even when wearing heavy clothes.

The pentagon uses a laser to identify people by the beating of their heart

The technology magazine "Technology Review" of MIT, informs that the United States Special Forces requested the creation of Jetson , a laser prototype that through an infrared system is able to detect the cardiac record of a person up to 200 meters from distance of the device.

The technology that Jetson uses is known as laser vibrometry and working in good condition can have a reliability of up to 95%.

Jetson works even when the person wears very warm and thick clothes and it takes about 30 seconds to identify it, as long as it is sitting or standing.

The cardiac pattern is unique and unrepeatable in each person and can be used as today facial recognition, iris or fingerprints are used.

The main drawback is that it needs a complete and good database of heartbeats and the advantage is that it could be used for medical purposes, for example allowing a doctor to have the cardiac record of their patients at a distance.

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