Three apps to edit videos

In this note we present three free applications for iOS and Android, to generate and edit videos in simple and very few steps.

Three apps to edit videos

The first application that we present to you is called Power Director, which is available for Android and iOS.

This app allows you to adjust the duration of the video, make specific cuts, add special effects, stickers, filters (both colored and beautiful) and duplicate content. It also offers the possibility to rotate the video, modify its format and increase or decrease the playback speed.

Other interesting options presented by this editor is to incorporate background music, photos and titles with predesigned templates. It also allows you to adjust the brightness, color, saturation and much more.

The free version of Power Director includes a watermark, less resolution and more options than the premium one. The latter allows you to make 4K videos and a video stabilizer that automatically fixes the clips that are moved and the option to use superimposed images.

To get the most out of this editor, it is advisable to have a smartphone with a large enough screen.

InShot is the second app that we present to you, also available for both operating systems for free. Without a doubt this is one of the most popular and complete apps for editing videos from your cell phone.

It has a very simple interface just like Power Director and it allows you to add several videos, incorporate music (it has its own library), stickers, transitions, filters, trim the clips, add text and blur the backgrounds.

It also supports voice recording and adding sounds (alarms, applause, laughter, among others). It also exports the video in different types of quality, including Full HD.

Like the previous app, the free version has a watermark (it is presented in a corner of the lower corner of the video), but not the premium one. Either way, in this case, there is an option to remove it, choosing the “remove free” option, with the condition that the user then sees an advertisement of approximately 15 seconds. When finished, you can download the video without a watermark.

Finally we introduce you to Quick , which has the automatic editing option. It is only necessary to choose the photos from Google Photos, Dropbox or Go Pro and then select one of the 20 predefined templates offered by the app, to automatically assemble a video with music, transitions, graphics and more.

It is also possible to incorporate manual adjustments to the clip, rotate it, adjust the duration, the music (it has tracks with more than 100 themes for free) or choose a song from the cell phone gallery.

Please note that the watermarked video is exported.

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