Top ten countries where WhatsApp is most used

Discover in this article the ten countries where WhatsApp is most used, according to the digital marketing market study carried out by eMarketer.

Top ten countries where WhatsApp is most used

The eMarketer research company conducted a study that determined the ten countries with the highest revenue to the application, from any device, at least once a month.

The country that is in the first place in the ranking is India with 340 million users in 2019, which is equivalent to one in three WhatsApp users in the world.

Senior analyst Jasmine Enverg explained the reason for this result, stating that the country manages to collect that figure since the application can be used in basic traditional phones such as the JioPhone.

In second place is Brazil with a total of 99 million users, in third place is the United States with 68.1 million and in fourth place Indonesia with 59.9 million.

In the remaining six positions are:

5. Mexico (57.2 million)

6. Russia (54.1 million)

7. Germany (43.9 million)

8. Italy (32.9 million)

9. Spain (30.5 million users with a total of 46.9 million inhabitants, the country with the lowest population of the top ten)

10. United Kingdom (27.6 million users)

The study noted that it was carried out without considering duplicate or false accounts and that "Facebook Messenger" is expected to surpass WhatsApp in the United States with 117.6 million users versus 68.1 million.

Another result that the investigation showed is that Brazil, Argentina and India are the countries where the application had the greatest penetration in smartphones. More than 90% of smartphone users use or will use the messaging service this year and next.

On the other hand, the study also revealed that WhatsApp will contribute to the increased use of messaging applications worldwide, so an increase of 12.1% is expected this year.

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