Transform your audios into texts on WhatsApp

The instant messaging application has a function little explored by users, but it can be very useful. The tool is known as Advanced Voice Recognition . Learn more about this note.

Transform your audios into texts on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to convert your voice messages into text!

It is very simple ... for this it is necessary to enter the desired chat and select the microphone-shaped icon, when the keyboard for typing is displayed.

Attention! It is not the same one used to record an audio ...

This function uses what is known as " Advanced Voice Recognition " and applies learning algorithms to be as accurate as possible recognizing the user's voice.

The good thing is that it is not necessary to install any additional application, as it does when you need to do it in reverse, that is, transform a voice message into text.

Some recommended applications to achieve this are: VoicePop , Textr - Voice Message to Text and Transcribe for WhatsApp available on Google Play for Android. In the case of iOS you can opt for Transcrypto .

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