WhatsApp will incorporate the reverse photo search to stop the dissemination of false information

The instant messaging services app is about to incorporate a new function, now it will be possible to trace the origin and date of the broadcast images (reverse search) to avoid spreading false information using images taken out of context.

WhatsApp will incorporate the reverse photo search to stop the dissemination of false information

It is known that one of the main means by which information is disseminated is through WhatsApp, however, much of this news is false and generates misinformation. Currently, any user can create false information with an image taken out of context and easily spread through the application.

However, WhatsApp has long been fighting the spread of this type of news and developed various strategies to achieve it, one of which was to limit the number of people that can be sent content, certain chats, images, links to through the app, to avoid the spread of "Fake News".

Soon, as reported by WABetaInfo, the site that reports the developments of WhatsApp, the app will add a function in version 2.19.73 for Android, which will allow the reverse image search in Google. It mainly consists of being able to see in the images broadcast in a chat, the origin and date of the photo in which it appeared online for the first time.

This new verification tool will prevent the use of images taken out of context to show false information, for example, from previous events or from other places, which is usually done with some political intentions or manipulation. Clear examples of these cases are photos of demonstrations or showing some catastrophe, generating disinformation and sometimes extreme collateral effects.

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