Working from home in times of Coronavirus

In Coronavirus times a smart decision is to work remotely, in this case from home. To make this option a success, there are hundreds of applications that will help you and your team.

Working from home in times of Coronavirus

To carry out the communication you can use SLACK , an instant messaging app with channels for clients, projects or themes. ZOOM is a virtual room with capacity for up to 100 people and MEET , integrated into Google Calendar, ideal for more informal meetings with capacity for up to 10 people.

Then to keep track of the progress of collaborative work there are several apps such as MURAL, MIRO, AWW and WITEBOARD, all these applications work as a canvas or digital whiteboard where you can interact and some with the possibility of discarding the final result.

To organize the work TRELLO is available based on the canvas method, to share and save documents we have Google DRIVE, ONEDRIVE or DROPBOX.

In addition there are other tools that also add to the dynamics of remote work with specific use such as the following:
- DOODLE, ideal for agreeing dates with the team.
- MENTIMETER , for interactive presentations.
- KAHOOT , to gamify the contents when you are teaching or applying at events.
- LOOMIO, for making decisions remotely and collectively.

There are countless apps that help us communicate, organize, meet, share information and, in turn, make it attractive. It is only a matter of making the decision to incorporate technology into our daily lives, analyzing which is the most convenient for us in our work.

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