Your 3D images using built-in Google Photos

The Google Photos platform not only allows you to manage image files and ensure their backup, but it also helps users to manipulate their photos, achieving excellent results.

Your 3D images using built-in Google Photos

One of the prominent tools of Google Photos allows to produce a depth effect in flat images thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

This tool is called " cinematic photo " and it automatically generates a 3D effect on the image, assuring the user an aesthetic result of cinematographic quality with a simple click.

The AI-based function works through depth estimation, a resource widely used in augmented reality experiences. Once the tool determines in the photograph the separation between the central object and its surroundings, specific algorithms are executed to see the trajectory of the camera that, added to the direction and speed of the simulated movement, generates a new photograph. Finally possible distortions are adjusted, the framing is corrected and users have in front of them a new photo or image, now in 3D.

This option is, as long as the app is up to date, at the top of the photo grid.

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