Your cell phone with two WhatsApp accounts is possible

If you have two cell lines, one personal and another work for example, it is possible to have two WhatsApp accounts. For that, you must first make sure you have two SIM cards in a cell phone, with different numbers and that both work or have the second card in a phone that is working to be able to give confirmation to the code that WhatsApp sends you at the time of your configuration. .

Your cell phone with two WhatsApp accounts is possible

Once you have the two lines working, the next step is to create two profiles.

Having Android 5.0 or higher, you can create new accounts. You just need to go to Gmail> notification bar and click where your username appears.

In that place a menu will be displayed that will allow you to add an account (identified with the plus sign). This is where you will have to add another GMAIL account that you have or create one for this specific occasion.

Once created the two profiles you must download one of the applications that allow you to manage the two accounts of WhatsApp.

Disa App
This app, which is to download for free on Google Play, allows you to have two lines of whatsapp in the same interface.

Parallel Space App
Similar to the previous one, this app, once downloaded, will ask you for the app you want to duplicate, in this case WhatsApp and then continue with the configuration. In this case we will have a WhatsApp to use from the original app and another, to manage from this application.

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