Augmented reality in make-up tutorials on YouTube

Google brings to cosmetics brands the possibility of providing product experiences to users through augmented reality. The tool created for this purpose was named AR Beauty Try-On .

Augmented reality in make-up tutorials on YouTube

In this opportunity, the makeup tutorials are chosen to apply augmented reality, not only for its adaptability but also for the number of views and followers that have this type of videos on the YouTube platform.

How does it work?

While you watch the tutorial with the instructions on how to make up, YouTube allows you on a split screen to see your face and apply, thanks to AR filters, virtual makeup to see how you look.

Among the most recognized brands worldwide, Apple was the first to join this experience.

At the moment, this functionality can be applied from the Google content program: FameBit . In this space, brands can contact influencers and publicize or promote their products.

Regarding results, those who activated the AR experience spent about 80 seconds on average, testing different shades of "virtual" lipsticks.

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