Get to know Google Photos options

In this note we tell you about some of the most interesting tools of Google Photos , so you can take full advantage of this multimedia content management and organization platform.

Get to know Google Photos options

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Google Photos organizes your photos in chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest, creating a timeline that helps you navigate between photos in a very easy way. It also has the option to slide some arrows that are on the right side of the screen, which indicate the month and year in which the photos were taken.

Select several photos at once

To select several photos quickly, you must press and hold the first and then slide your finger to the last one chosen.

Find photos through AI

Google Photos uses facial recognition to find photos. To do this in "Search photos", you can write the word "cat" and the platform will detect the photos that contain that result.

You can also perform this search using the keyboard emojis, for example, if you put a dog all the photos will appear where there is one.

Search photos by location or dates

In addition to the facial recognition Google Photos is able to find the photographs according to the place you indicate, the app uses the location to help find them according to sources that come from the camera, the history of Google locations or landmarks detected. This also works if you search by month or year.

Cut out a document

This option allows you to crop photos respecting the perspective of the image. Thanks to this, for example, a document can be easily read and shared by message.

To achieve this, you should normally take a photo of the document and then from Google Photos go to the option to edit and then select the icon of the points that form a box in the lower right margin: “Crop document”.

Know the photo data

When you are in the chosen photo, slide your finger up and there the photo data will appear: date it was taken, size, resolution, weight, name and if you have activated the geolocation option the exact place where it was taken will appear , among other data.

Determine the folders to upload in the cloud

Google Photos uploads to the cloud, by default, all images taken by the camera. If you want to change this option to save other folders, you must slide your finger from left to right on the main screen and select the option Settings> Backup and synchronization> Backup of the folders of the device. From there select the additional folders that you want to view in the GF library.

Remove geographic location

If you are going to share photos with third parties and want to take care of your privacy, you must enter the menu, section: "Settings" and from there disable the option "Remove geographic location".

Backups from the computer

Google Photos also allows you to make backup copies in the cloud of the photographs you have on your computer. To do this you must enter this link and download the tool.

Optimize cloud storage space

When the photo is uploaded with its original quality (full resolution) obviously that the space in the cloud is reduced considerably and is limited. But it is possible that the photos are compressed slightly at 16 MP for unlimited free space.

To do this, in: Configuration> Backup and synchronization> Backup mode it is possible to select the “High quality” option.

Create and share albums

In the options that appear in the lower margin you must choose the one of “Shared”. Then you must select the photos for the album and the people with whom you want to share it.

File photos or save them as favorites

If you want some photos not to appear on the main screen you can select from the three points in the upper right margin, the option “Move to File”, there they will be saved and you will be able to access whenever you want.

On the other hand, if you want to save photos as favorites, you only need to select the star-shaped icon. This will create an album of your favorite photos and you can access them from the "Albums" option.

Find your videos

When you are in the photo search, the first thing that will appear below will be your recent searches but a little below is the option of Favorites and “Videos”. In this same section you will see animations, collages, movies, etc.

Publish them on YouTube

The YouTube website has the function of uploading videos directly from the Google Photos cloud. From your computer you can access this link: .

From the YouTube app you must go to the camera-shaped icon, from there you can record a new video, stream live or select a video that you have recorded and is stored in the cloud.

Remember what you did a few years ago

When you enter Google Photos, in the "Memories" section you can relive the photos you took the same day but a few years ago. Only you can see those photos.

Group photos by faces

This option must be activated from the "Settings" menu> Group similar faces, then you must go to "Albums" (in the options that are in the menu below)> People and pets and in each photo add a name. This will be very useful for finding photos where the identified person appears.

Make a backup of all the photos

To download a full backup of all the photos stored on Google Play you must go to Google Takeout ( ) and choose Google Photos.

Edit your photos, share them, delete them, use Google Lens

Any photo can be shared by selecting the first option and to edit them you must choose the second one.

To use the Google Lens function, capable of identifying and giving information about the photo taken, it is necessary to press the third option. The last one is to delete the photo.

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