Google Earth presents: Where is Carmen Sandiego?

This time, instead of looking for Wally, Google proposes to look for Carmen Sandiego. A tribute to the educational entertainment of the eighties that had video games, board games, books, etc.

Google Earth presents: Where is Carmen Sandiego?

The first challenge, of a series of them, is already available. "The Crown Jewels Caper" proposes you to be a detective and discover who is behind the theft of the British crown.

A game that also teaches about geography and culture of different countries. Ideal for nostalgic people and the opportunity to share concepts with children that educate through the game.

How to play?

It is only necessary to enter Google Earth to start the game. There we will find the magnifying glass (to interrogate witnesses) and the plane (to fly to the cities where the thief is suspected).

London, Paris, Tokyo are some of the cities where the adventure takes place. A trip that apart from having fun, thanks to zooms and animations that Google, will allow us to know more about different parts of the world.

Carmen Sandiego is available in Spanish and is thinking of Chrome as Android or iOS .

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