Google Maps with important news for drivers

One of the most expected functions by motorists is the warning and signaling of radars on the routes. This function, together with the accident warning, will allow drivers to save time and not be surprised by speeding.

Google Maps with important news for drivers

The technological advances do not stop surprising us. This time it was up to Google Maps , belonging to the Mountain View company, to be news for the new features that will be soon incorporated.

The traditional ones, such as offering displaceable maps, satellite images, routes between different locations or traffic conditions in real time, incorporate some that were being demanded by drivers. One of the functions that transcended by the media, was popularized by Waze, and is about alerting drivers to the presence of speed radars.

It is illegal to introduce a function in Google that automatically detects mobile radars, so the app will allow the user community to publish these alerts manually. This means that, if a user notices the presence of a radar, it will be able to communicate it to the rest through this new update. Of this modolos other users will be able to observe in their maps a warning on the matter.

Another new feature for the maps app, which will also be handled with social information, is the possibility of communicating the presence of traffic accidents. Useful information to avoid delays and reduce traffic congestion.

These powerful tools will undoubtedly be a great contribution for responsible drivers but can be dangerous for those who are not, since a driver who is unable to drive a vehicle or do so impurrently could evade controls and cause future accidents.

It is unknown the precise date in which they will be able to enjoy these new functions that will allow to have information in real time ... but, to be attentive! ... that possibly arrive before the end of the year.

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