Kiddle: A search engine designed for children and powered by Google SafeSearch

If you're thinking about your child's safety when he or she starts searching for content for school assignments, games or other Internet searches, we introduce you to Kiddle . This search engine based on Google yields results oriented to the smallest.

Kiddle: A search engine designed for children and powered by Google SafeSearch

Kiddle assures you a greater degree of security and control of results since it is designed for children.

The order of the results divides them into 3 categories: Those designed exclusively for children; those supervised by Kiddle through their editors, beyond that they were not originally written for children and finally (from the result in location 8 onwards) well-known and secured sites by Google SafeSearch.

In addition to the search filter, which is the most remarkable, this search engine to throw the results has other aspects in mind thinking about its target audience: children.

  • It uses large miniatures, which visually help the child to find the result faster.
  • Displays the content in ARIAL font and in a highlighted size, for greater readability.
  • Privacy: Does not collect personal information of any kind and search records are deleted every 24 hours.

Kiddle is defined as a successful search engine, safe for children and in a friendly interface for them.

To know more about this search, click here .

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