TikTok: privacy and accusations

TikTok , the social network created by the Chinese company ByteDance and the most downloaded in the United States, has been the target of accusations for its privacy policy and the way in which its algorithm works.

TikTok: privacy and accusations

The TikTok social network was designed with the objective of sharing videos of very short duration doing lip sync, they can be animated with music and in them you can observe young people making jokes, sports or choreographies, among other activities.

The theme is that once a video is shared on the platform any user can see it and even download it (the app presents a button exclusively for this), which means that they can then be shared and disseminated through other apps without the Author authorization.

This feature can be problematic when you want to unsubscribe or delete the content that was published.

As most of the users of the app are centennials (born between 1997 and 2012) sometimes they do not understand the degree of impact that their publications can have, so it is very important that parents, guardians or representatives legal of them to raise awareness about the privacy of the data and the responsible use of the app.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago, the site "The Verge" published an article indicating that TikTok limits its reach to people who fall into a category called "Risk 4", who would be having a discriminatory treatment in the app.

What does the social network argue?

What the app does is use its algorithm and "moderators" to detect publications of users with different abilities, physical deformations and other groups of people defined, which form the category called "Risk 4", to prevent them from being viral in the network.

All this has as main objective, according to the platform, avoiding situations of bullying and cyberbullying. He also explained that this measure is part of the social network policy and that perhaps, it is a failed and early attempt to combat these problems.

What's your opinion about it?

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