Will “Likes” be removed from Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram have begun testing to eliminate the number of visible likes of posts, that is, "hide" the success or public failure of a content since it can only be viewed privately by those who have posted it.

Will “Likes” be removed from Facebook and Instagram?

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Facebook announced that it will incorporate on both platforms a system in which users will not be able to see the likes of other people's posts, only their own.

The main objective of this measure is for users to be more busy in sharing content that interests them, than in just doing it to get “likes”.

According to certain studies and opinions of experts, adopting this measure would reduce the social pressure on young people because they are valued in social networks. In addition, for being in constant concern for their physical appearance or connected for many hours generating anxiety and even insomnia problems.

It is known that these networks increased narcissism, the “me” in the first place and that the image is everything, which brings negative effects on users such as: social pressure, exhibitionism, lack of privacy, privacy, threats on some occasions , extortion, cyberbullying, etc.

On the other hand, experts also think that the main idea of the company is to encourage those users with few “likes” or followers to not be “passive”, that is, simple viewers of those with greater influence on the networks, since this In this way, valuable content is being lost, which is precisely what is sought.

They also claim that this measure could have significant consequences on relationships. At the physiological level, for example, if “likes” are eliminated, addiction to these applications would be reduced, since it is proven that it generates discharges of dopamine (happiness hormones) by receiving “like” notifications.

At the sociological level, the adoption of this measure could bring repercussions to the act of publishing vital moments and would also cause a reduction in the feeling of “joining the group”, be recognized for receiving the like gesture, lowering the motivation of the need to receive them and of social projection.

Without a sense of “adherence to the group” (basic behavior in humans), users would stop being so interested in the lives of others, being able to put more focus on their own, obviously bringing well-being and healthy consequences.

The tests have already begun to be implemented in several countries. Facebook already implemented it in Australia on September 27 and Instagram in seven countries: Canada, Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, Italy, New Zealand.

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