Google Assistant: Updates for 2020

From Google they presented the new features that their assistant will add in the course of 2020. The idea is to continue improving and equating Alexa , one of the most complete assistants, owned by Amazon .

Google Assistant: Updates for 2020

Under the concept of smart home, this year, the Google assistant will add features that allow you to improve control over connected devices. For example, when you buy a new device, from the configuration you will be asked to connect it with the Google Assistant before starting work, something that has been achieved thanks to direct contact with the most prominent manufacturers.

In terms of privacy, controls will be increased by adding voice actions that alert users to activate or deactivate permissions and make changes to the configuration they deem appropriate.

Another functionality planned for this 2020 is the one that handles the on, paused and shutdown of the connected devices. This is called "scheduled actions" and will allow Google to give directions such as: "OK Google, turn on the washing machine at 7 in the morning."

Home contacts: with this function you can make speed dials to contacts established as important, for conversations both by loudspeakers and smart screens.

Linked to the family , the Google assistant adds the Household Notes function that, to better define it, is the possibility of leaving post it or digital notes through the connected smart screens. An interesting aspect is that they can be used without the need to log in.

Voice Technology : It will provide more options, with more expressiveness and extension of text reading, being very useful especially in cell phones. In addition, we are working on translation into different languages.

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